TOSHIBA aircon

Toshiba Aircon

Toshiba is a multinational corporation headquartered in Japan that produces a wide range of consumer electronics and appliances, including air conditioners. Toshiba air conditioners are known for their quality, energy efficiency, and advanced features.

TOSHIBA aircon

Toshiba Aircon



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System 4 – $ 4399*

Types of Aircon

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When it comes to installing a Toshiba air conditioner, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations carefully. It is recommended to hire a licensed HVAC technician who has experience installing air conditioning systems to ensure that the installation is done correctly and safely.

Split Aircon Installation

Split air conditioning systems are composed of two main parts:

an indoor unit, which is installed inside the building, and an outdoor unit, which is installed outside. The indoor unit typically contains the evaporator coil, fan, and air filter, while the outdoor unit contains the compressor and condenser coil. The two units are connected by refrigerant lines and electrical wiring, which allows them to communicate and work together to cool or heat the building.

One of the main advantages of split air conditioning systems is that they are relatively easy to install and can be used to cool or heat a single room or a specific area of a building. They are also relatively compact and can be hidden or disguised in a variety of ways.

Centralized Aircon Installation

centralized air conditioning system is used to cool or heat an entire building or multiple rooms in a building. These systems are composed of a single, large outdoor unit, which contains the compressor and condenser coils, and multiple indoor units, which are installed throughout the building. These indoor units can be located in different rooms or areas, but they all connect to the same outdoor unit.

The main advantages of centralized air conditioning systems are their ability to cool or heat multiple rooms at once, and their increased energy efficiency as they can operate in a scheduled mode, and can be controlled centrally. This option is often more popular for large commercial buildings or industrial facilities.


Servicing your Toshiba air conditioner is important to maintain its performance, energy efficiency, and prolong its lifespan. Regular servicing can also help to prevent costly breakdowns and repairs.

Toshiba air conditioner servicing typically involves cleaning and maintenance of the indoor and outdoor units, including:

Cleaning or replacing the air filters to ensure proper airflow and to remove dirt, dust, and other pollutants from the air.

Checking and cleaning the evaporator coil and condenser coil to ensure they are free of debris and dirt that can reduce efficiency.

Checking the refrigerant levels and adjusting as necessary to ensure the proper amount of refrigerant is present.

Inspecting and tightening electrical connections to ensure proper operation and safety.

Checking and lubricating the fan motor, compressor, and other moving parts to reduce wear and tear.

Testing the thermostat and controls to ensure proper operation and accuracy.

It is recommended to have your Toshiba air conditioner serviced at least once a year by a licensed HVAC technician to ensure optimal performance and safety.



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