Condensing Unit (CU): 5 Years
Fan Coil Unit (FCU): 1 Year,

Installation Warranty

1 Year Installation Warranty

Aircon installation

Air conditioning promotions in Singapore can vary depending on the company and the specific product or service being offered. Some common types of promotions that you might find include:

Discounts on the purchase and installation of new air conditioning units.

Discounts on regular aircon servicing and cleaning.

Package deals bundle multiple services together at a reduced rate.

Seasonal promotions, such as discounts on window units during the summer or on central air units during the winter.

Limited-time discounts and special deals, like early bird promotions or discounts for first-time customers.

It’s important to note that the availability of promotions might vary depending on the time and the companies. It’s always a good idea to do some research and gather information about different promotions that are currently available.

You can check the promotions by visiting the websites of the companies, or through their social media platform, you can also contact them directly to ask about the promotion they have currently.


Air conditioning installation is the process of installing an air conditioning system in a home, office, or other building. The process typically involves selecting the right AC unit, preparing the installation site, installing the indoor and outdoor units, connecting the AC unit to the electrical system and ductwork, testing and commissioning the system, and cleaning up after the installation is complete.

It is important to choose a Home Fix air conditioning installation company that has experience installing the type of AC system you want and that follows industry standards. Our company should also provide a written quote that includes the cost of the equipment, installation, and any other fees, and should offer a warranty on the equipment and installation.

By choosing the Home Fix Aircon installation company and following industry standards, you can ensure that your AC system is installed properly, operates efficiently, and provides you with the comfort you need.

mitsubishi aircon


System 2 – $2330*

System 3 – $ 3370*

System 4 – $ 3870*

Daikin aircon


System 2 – $ 2430*

System 3 – $ 3379*

System 4 – $ 4230*

Midea Aircon


System 2 –  $ 2070*

System 3 – $ 2590*

System 4 – $ 3260*


panasonic Aircon


System 2 –  $ 2330*

System 3 – $ 3120*

System 4 – $ 3869*


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